Larraine Seiden

My work comes directly out of the chaos of contemporary urban life; in the found spaces between juggling children, teaching jobs, housework, and an iPhone. My art practice is a meditation and seeks glimpses of grace against the intense chatter of this moment.

Like a quilter, I slowly witness and write my story with color, shape, and repeating patterns. Using pieced paper ephemera collected from my life, I map my inner thought scape as it moves through the outside world. I explore the emotionally-charged nature of time and memory by building up layers of color encaustic. Then I scrape and scratch the paint away, not knowing exactly what will be revealed and therefore remembered.

In my latest Cumulus series, collaged thought vessels gather and swell just above the earth’s surface. Belying their light forms are dense journalistic layers of lists, news, diagrams and other fragments that stream across the picture’s surface. The strips undulate and echo shifting perspectives. Stepping back from daily dramas to take a wider view, I will something beautiful to surface on the horizon like a murmuration of birds.


For more information about the artist, please visit her website.