Lindsay Evans Montgomery

Iridescent opal planets and geometric colors surround the most divinely selected bubblegum pop-tart starlet. Polished rainbows seen through diamond encrusted kaleidoscopes outline Kim across the globe. The glowing garden, invisible to mortal consumers, is similar to the contents chosen in French to fill a coveted gold inlaid box of pastel Ladurée macarons in Paris. A lollipop colored spectacle glowing from a perfectly contoured Kim, is reserved for the holiest of readers and wizards. Jewel clouds hovering above the Star, changes every moment or two according to the carnival of internal, external conditions and lavender worship. A precise selection of pale neon sponges and stickers act as acrobats to private aural trust funds. The charismatic lemon ballerina prophesies her power according to the flatness of each layered sugar color and pieces of moon. Chronologically painted artifacts enact the extended crowns and mixture of light, hues and sacred geometry, of the chosen one. White fortune telling platforms see television shows and symmetrical ritualistic aura readings of the notorious as high art. The most talked about woman in the world is an archetype for mindful fame and glittery sequins. She was raised by women muses and loves to be talked about in the third person. In each piece of paparazzi propaganda and ruby fandom, Kim is always on, making the images scared, gifting them with an afterlife beyond this room. Evidence of her persona in the photographs emits luxurious ritualistic bio-energy waves through warm air in the tropics of the Maldives.


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