Lisa Kairos

Exhibiting with Melissa Mohammadi in Room 216

Our work is inspired by California flora and landscape. Place-based reflection and meticulous studies of natural forms and spaces are at the heart of our approaches to drawing and painting. We share a subject but work at different resolutions--Lisa paints expansive layered panoramas, while Melissa dives in to explore and document the life-forms that inhabit the landscape.

Lisa’s process combines site-specific exploration with a studio painting practice to create luminous abstract landscapes. She chooses sites that combine nature and utility—usually the remainders and margins of urban space or land that has been shaped by use, infrastructure, and sometimes restoration. She works in transparent layers, interrupting atmospheric painterly spaces with flat geometry and line, a shift in perspective or scale, or by cutting through the picture plane. The resulting paintings are at once soft and hard, organic and synthetic, and are defined by a sense of floating space.

For more information about the artist, please visit her website.