Art for me is a catharsis for transformation. I cast my breasts in an effort to feel “all in” in the experience. I did not want to create something outside of me, rather I wanted to be in the art. In casting my breasts, with each peeling of the plaster from me, I began to shed pieces of myself I had adopted from society. What it means to be a good mother, how a wife should behave, you can only be this or that. In creating the art I began to self actualize into a complex being that is vibrant and alive but not limited by societal expectation and roles that I had adopted.

As the art making progressed I was aware that the finished product was not an extension of me. It was a layer of me. Left behind from a moment that no longer reflects the current me. Rather than packaging the art in the dark and maudlin colors of the time period the shedding reflects, I colored the art as a celebration of the journey of self-discovery. The colors are vibrant and capture what it feels like to be fully awake. Comfortable with the past and embracing the uncertainty of the future.

The work is repetitive. Like a print maker. I reuse the same theme and adapt the colors. But the process is entirely manual. Each breast cast either from myself or from a single clay form. The process is the work of women for centuries. Repetitive, yet painstaking by hand.

As my series on Women evolves I have begun to explore themes of power, adding hardware protruding from the breasts to express force and strength exerting from this seemingly soft tissue.


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