Mike Sanchez

Streetcars of San Francisco

The San Francisco Municipal Railway has amassed one of the most unique and beautiful collections of operational streetcars, trolleys, and trams from around the world. If you walk down Market Street or the Embarcadero you can see these classically designed streetcars moving through the city. 

I’m fascinated by these historic forms of transportation interweaving throughout the modern city. My mission is to photograph and catalog each individual streetcar to understand this collection on a deeper level. In order to highlight the unique design features of each vehicle, the subject is isolated from its background and transformed into a visual and historical analysis of form, color, design, and culture. The city of San Francisco is abstracted as an overlay of colors and skylines, situating each streetcar in its modern-day environment, while allowing the cars themselves to shine. 

Reconstructed Districts

What is home? Is it the buildings we live in, is it the streets we walk, or is it our relationship with the people who populate these structures? 

It is easy to get caught up in the act of daily life that our awareness of the structures and objects surrounding us becomes mundane. The once exciting and new city can turn into the familiar day to day

This series is a way of re-envisioning the current perspective of the cities we call home. By deconstructing and rearranging architectural structures, roads, and objects within cities I am attempting to draw attention to the unique and ever-evolving nature of the concept of home. 

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