Monica Melgar

I started doodling with pen on paper in high school to keep my hands and thoughts occupied. Many notebooks later when I was studying graphic design I was assigned to make a painting. All I knew how to do were dashes so I tried to paint in the same way. I discovered that my doodling actually translated into a type of pointillism with acrylics on canvas. My current technique consists of fine line work that I apply with pin striping brushes on abstract backgrounds. I’ve rediscovered gouache that is perfect for my finest lines as I can water it down and it keeps its opaqueness.

Although most of my subject matter is abstract some images take on an accidental form such as a flower, a sea creature, or a landscape. I use bright colors and sometimes fluorescents to give even more impact and contrast. I am attracted to vivid color palettes that remind me of my upbringing in Mexico.

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