Nancy R Wise

Nancy Wise is an artist living and working in Los Angeles. Her signature style uses thick, physical impasto-like brush strokes and bright vivid colors to draw attention to the flat digital world around us. Looking back to artists such as Pierre Bonnard and Mark Rothko, Vermeer and John Singer Sargent, Nancy focuses on color and light, narrative and pathos to bring attention to our twenty first century culture.

Many people use travel to enliven their perception with changed environments. The new, the unusual, the exotic can awaken minds and creativity. Our day-to-day reality can become ordinary or worse yet, invisible. In Los Angeles there is such a diversity and wealth of potential experience that it might never be exhausted. Millions of people every year travel to Los Angeles for just that reason. Nancy is providing a way for the viewer to see this magical city with “new eyes.” To take the familiar and make it unfamiliar again. To take the usual and make it unusual and thus gain a renewed appreciation and understanding of where we live.


For more information about Nancy Wise, please visit her website.