Patricia Rubio

My work is based on color, composition and balance and the interaction between color and form, I have always compared it to how we construct our thoughts. In Pieces of Mind and Concrete Thought(s), each one of the geometric composition represents some kind of thought that could appear in our mind where are formed the same as a block construction game. Our thoughts are transformed into shapes, a whole world of imaginary geometric constructions and color compositions. Paintings are intentionally handmade to show its own unreal nature of impossible perspectives and humanity. The small Pieces of Mind are as if we extract a small and potent thought of our mind and we isolate it, giving it a whole new point of view. Frozen and alone, we frame a small “piece of mind”.

The group of paintings in NEW LAND represent a concrete personal moment. The start of a different version, a new way of construction or a new point of view, either way, a “new land” in my practice, another option. These paintings are based on fake symmetries and stacking constructions. An exploration of the relationship between shapes and colors.

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