Pooja Pittie

Paul Klee, one of my favorite artists, said that "A drawing is simply a line going for a walk". These words define for me, the very purpose of my artistic process. I have an incurable and progressive form of muscular dystrophy and I strive to recover, through my paintings, some of the movement that I have lost with my disability. The abstract works I create are meditations on movement: the climbing of a step, the swing of an arm or the sway of a hip. An artwork's title is often a play on words based on idioms or phrases related to that action.

The colors I use are influenced by my childhood in India and I draw constant inspiration from my travels and daily surroundings. My art is liberating, joyful and optimistic. I might move slowly through the rest of the world but in my studio, I can be quick, confident and graceful.


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