Randi Matushevitz

In my work I question how the individual attitude toward human emotions has an impact on the worldwide community. I explore psychological dark and light, the tension of anxiety and fear, and the quietude of contentedness and assurance. I became interested in the spatial grey that exists between, where consciousness and experience unite or conflict, with perception and observation. In the grey one moment to the next, one thought to the next, is a journey into the unknown. It is this undetectable moment that is fascinating.

Through the process of drawing, using repetition and mark making, the image emerges from layering charcoal, pastel and spray paint. Narrative in my work echoes life in the 21st century and considers real and imagined love, play, work, and family in daily life.

My influences are varied: science fiction, folk tales and myths, history, romantic literature, movies, television, and current popular culture. I look to master artists William Kentridge and Francisco Goya, Baroque drama for composition and chiaroscuro, and semiotics as symbolism. My narratives compare and contrast the perception of inspirational emotions with those that are self and socially defeating.


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