Richard Kurtz

My creative process speaks to the confluence of text, texture, and fragmentation. I am inspired by the figure and movement. The urge to explore the idea of the nomad and the displaced has manifested in a series of paintings on vintage suitcases and discarded hotel keycards and gift cards. By combining text with images of women, prizefighters and an “alien being” I explore ideas of home and what it means to be part of society. My desire to encourage “outsiders” to fight for their personal rights as human beings, propels my work. For we must have the space to develop an internal life and freedoms to pursue life with respect for all sentient beings on the planet. The hotel room installation will include painted suitcases and hotel key card paintings thus mirroring the idea of the nomad and a place for rest and well-being. Additionally, paintings in books and on canvas will be displayed. My exploration into language and the idea of fragmentation will be explored by reconfiguring vintage golden book stories into new non-linear tales. Also, paintings in discarded dictionaries will be exhibited furthering my desire to explore language, memory, and story.

For more information about the artist, please visit his website.