Robert Romano

My photography has taught me that natural beauty can be found even in places where you might not think to look. It’s remarkable what’s hiding in plain view -- on the surface of lakes and rivers and at seaports, on underwater stones, on rain-dampened cobblestones, and on boulders speckled with frozen raindrops. The colors are magnificent; the variety is endless. 

I have explored the beauty of water surface images for years, while travelling in Europe – Amsterdam, Florence, Portofino, Bellagio and, of course, Venice. The beauty is more about form and color than about the physical objects they reflect They resemble abstract or impressionist paintings. I’ve also noticed how dynamic these images can be -- a slight breeze across the water’s surface changes the image continually so that each frame is unique. After sunset, streetlights can also create alluring nocturnal water reflections.


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