Roberto Lombana

A chaotic civilization, organized geometrically and viewed from above.
Never have we had so many photographic records of our world as we do today. We have become "photographers by nature." However, our records are private. That is, they speak of our world but rarely the world of others. In the public arena, records of another type, generally automatic, are showing how we behave in that other arena. We are under constant watch today by all sorts of electronic devices bent on recording every second of our lives for the sole purpose of control. In this regard, Lombana's photographs are the view of an all-seeing eye that wants to show it all, just like the surveillance devices that scrutinize us in the way of a Big Brother. The beautiful radial construction reminds us of those mandalas of the East, with shapes based on sacred geometries that serve as organizers of our minds and, at the same time, of our world.


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