Ruth-Anne Siegel

Ruth-Anne Siegel’s art is a translation of memory reflecting a specific time and place. The influence of Franz Kline, Wolf Kahn, and Milton Avery is apparent by the bold colors, strong marks and juxtaposition of warm and cool colors.

Siegel’s compositions have elements of glistening light where she manipulates the paint to mimic the bright hues of her world. Although each painting is completely abstract, they are evocative of landscapes one would pass on a busy interstate or bridge into a major city.

The circle is prominent in her work. As a graphic design student, she learned to design a font by hand including the precise control of drawing a perfect circle. Although her spheres are far from perfect, spring blooms, halos of light, stoplights, and aftereffects behind eyelids, inform them. Her palette reinforces the intensity of the light and strong lines contrast the organic forms.


For more information about Ruth-Anne Siegel, please visit her website.