Sahba Shere

A painter and abstract photographer, my art is inspired by my travels all over the world and deeply influenced by nature and meditation. My passion for travel and sharing my travel experiences with new people is what I translate into my work. 

Journaling my travels around the world in painting, I've been inspired by the ethereal, dreamy and tranquil natural worlds and landscapes from my time in Cambodia and Vietnam. This collection of dream-like paintings reflect my meditations on the natural world, imbuing abstract landscapes with translucence and tranquility. I emphasize the quiet, layered works with subtlety and lightness, and yet also depth and texture. What you see on my canvases – when you are with them for a while – magically changes depending on the angle from which you view them and the ever-changing light. 


For more information about Sahba Shere, please visit her website.