Silvia Poloto

This new body of work began with the turn of a page. Flipping through Gaston Bachelard’s epic art tome, The Poetics of Space, I was propelled from the outer world to inside one of my paintings, an internal world where space is vast, and possibilities are endless.

Finding inspiration in everyday experiences is familiar to me. Life’s data filtered through a feeling, triggers the poetics of making. I’m continually led by a loose thread of an idea which I pull, twist, tangle and unravel all the while staying receptive to the moment of a larger connection to the image, to the poetics of the object, the space it occupies and that which surrounds it.

Documenting life experiences is an intimate affair. I have laid bare as a woman, an immigrant, widow and mother in previous bodies of work. However, for The Poetics of Space these facts about myself are irrelevant. The concept behind this work posits a universal question of being, one that denies the boundaries of self to reveal the “we” in a space which is never too vast or too small to affirm the beauty of hidden connections.


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