Theresa Morgan

According to Siddhartha, “the true profession of man is to find his way to himself.” In my current body of work I aim to explore what has impacted me the most, and the people most significant in my life. The idea of identity and how we are shaped has always been of interest to me, as well as the power of individual perception to distort memory into our own realities. Through portraying images of specific moments or feelings that have impacted me, I invite the viewer to reflect on their own patchwork of experiences that have lead to where they are now. 

Through close observation, I use the versatility of oil paints to capture what I see before me, frequently drawing attention to the abstractions found in reality. Abstracted shapes and the interlacing of colors work to question the grey line between perception and reality. My desire is to carry conviction through my work; I use bold brushwork and layering of colors to convey my impressions of the subject. My work is always evolving with my growing empathy and understanding of the world around me, drawing inspiration from my daily experience.


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