Victoria Reynolds

I am greatly inspired by art and art history, the decorative arts, architecture, tools, and anything made by the hands of humans.

I don’t have any great social or cosmic messages to impart through my art. I do require beauty – I see no point in creating anything ugly even if it is fashionable or modern or even interesting to do so. I am an atheist so I think that for me, the natural world is a key source of spirituality if you will – but I like rather ordinary places and scenes in general. I would say I am inspired by their ordinary-ness.

My most recent work involves "damask" back grounds which I create by carving giant rubber stamps, then the paint is much manipulated.

I am very influenced by the landscapes of Gerhard Richter and Rackstraw Jones although my skill is not anywhere near theirs. I also really admire Caspar David Friedrich and I consider myself to be in essence an 18th century Romantic Painter and I try to resolve that with the world I actually live in as best as I can.

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