William Hill

To be unique is the goal when it comes to my art. Everyone wants to be different especially when it comes to art. Art is the perfect way to express, define or redefine one's self and that is why I love art. No one can tell you what your art is supposed to be. I try to bring to light the uncommon ways of looking at specifics. I want to make you see what I see. What inspires my creations is my life and the experiences of others this includes some current events. I cannot say that I have a common theme or style that appears and reappears in my works but I can say, that right now for sure, that common is dull. I try and portray my life's ideas of not being a follower through art. I would love to blow your brains out or as most people would say blow your mind with something dynamic and innovative. If my art doesn't inspire you to think outside of the box then I've failed as an artist or you're just not trying hard enough. Be Different! Do you!


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