Willie Walls

Exhibiting with Jennifer Little in Room 208

Willie Walls is an L.A. based self-taught artist whose mixed media practice spans over three decades. In his paintings, drawings, prints, and three-dimensional works, the checkerboard pattern emerges as a unifying aesthetic and symbolic thread. The pattern contours, gives form, envelops and becomes a character in and of itself. The figures in Walls' artworks are literally immersed in distinct aesthetic repetition that borders on the surreal. His practice has recently been concentrated on creating three-dimensional utilitarian objects such as pieces of furniture and clothing, further manifesting the pattern that has fascinated him into objects that are meant to be lived and aged with.

Willie’s work is developed at the ECF Art Center South L.A. studio, a progressive space that supports the practices of adult artists with developmental disabilities.

For more information about the artist, please visit his profile on the ECF Art Center’s website