Nature Meets Nurture: A Look Into Amanda Triplett


With applications for stARTup Small Works open, we looked to Portland artist Amanda Triplett, whose intimate sculptural fiber works made with recycled materials left their mark at stARTup LA 2019 and are still available post-fair through Artfinder!

Using only needle and thread, Amanda sews fiber into new abstract formations. She says, “The pieces are an extension of my own biological forms. They are a craftwork meditation on all of the expectations and assumptions that come with inhabiting my own body and identity.”

After stARTup LA, we dropped in on her studio filled with disassembled towels, sweaters, and t-shirts, with layers of embroideries in the process of becoming her signature sculptural works that explore biology, identity, and motherhood. We then asked her to discuss her inspirations, practice, and where she sees herself and her work in the future. Here’s what she had to say with our Content Curator:

Why or when did you decide to make work?

I first started drawing in math class when I was a kid. I started making increasingly intricate drawings. I didn't take a formal art class until college when I fell hard for art-making. My time in the studio is magical and making is part of my being.   

Tranquility Cluster  detail

Tranquility Cluster detail

What inspires you currently?

I love what's happening in the world of immersive installation and immersive theater. Meow Wolf, And Then She Fell, and Sleep No More are all pushing the boundaries of what art can be. I love art installations and performance that give full body experiences to the viewer and invite people to interact and participate.  

What tool or medium would you be lost without?

My giant doll needles are a necessity. Fabric and thread. Drawing.

Other than your art practice, what other work do you do?

I'm a mama to 2 kids. When I'm not making art, I'm sewing up Halloween costumes, playing games, and making dinner.

Serenity Swarm  detail

Serenity Swarm detail

What’s the coolest thing that’s happened to you in your career?

The Glean residency was the coolest art opportunity I've had so far. I spent 5 months digging through the trash piles at the Portland dump and finding treasures to turn into art. It was life-changing and so much fun.

If you could be in any museum, what would it be?

I'm obsessed with the Elsewhere Museum. It's a thrift store that was turned into a museum and art center and they have incredible artist residencies. I would love to do a residency there sometime soon.

If you could own any piece of art, what would it be?

Probably something by Wangechi Mutu. One of her collages of fantastically powerful women. I love her work so much. 

And finally, what’s your least favorite color?

I think all colors can be gorgeous and meaningful in the right context, but there are colors that I am less likely to work with. Maybe Taupe.


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Find Amanda on Instagram: @fibrousviscera

Q&A by Content Curator Mica England