stARTup Success Stories: Chapter One

We hear success stories from stARTup exhibitors every day, and thought it was time to share some with you.

At each fair, we designate pro bono exhibition spaces for non-profit arts organizations like the Lancaster Museum of Art and History.

Andi Campognone, Curator and Director at Lancaster MOAH, believes in our mission to create more empowered career paths for artists and a more transparent market for art buyers.

Besides curating exceptional room installations and managing portfolio reviews at the fairs, Andi has featured some of stARTup’s most promising artists at MOAH in solo shows, group exhibitions, and collaborative projects with other innovative arts groups.

Mikey Kelly’s room installation, stARTup LA 2018

Mikey Kelly’s room installation, stARTup LA 2018

Campognone selected Mikey Kelly as one of 25 artists from California, Texas, Belgium, Great Britain and to paint building size murals for POW!WOW! AV, a permanent city size exhibition project with MOAH, Thinkspace Projects in Los Angeles, and POW! WOW! Hawaii.

Happening now through October 21st, POW!WOW! is in its seventh year (second in Antelope Valley), where artists have added eighteen murals to last year’s original 12 to create a totally interactive, week long festival of art and community featuring tours, block parties, a car show, and more.

This  instagram shot from Kelly’s feed  shows the scale of his mural

This instagram shot from Kelly’s feed shows the scale of his mural

Click the image more information about the exhibition

Click the image more information about the exhibition

In an interview with OtherPeoplesPixels, Mikey describes his process as starting “with an analog program using encryption methods developed for secretly passing information that can convert language into numbers.” He continues, “I end up with an algorithm that directs the line spacing, angle, line width and color in a predetermined sequence before I ever start painting. This means that I work with no preconceived idea of what the final piece will look like.”


Last year, Campognone gave Dani Dodge, a stARTup LA exhibitor, a solo show at MOAH. “Personal Territories” an interactive installation reflecting on Dodge’s themes of home, formation of identity, and the secrets we hide in personal spaces.

Art And Cake writer Genie Davies recounts, “Dodge describes the large, room-size installation as mapping her own ‘history of home’ and encouraging visitors to consider their own intimate stories.”

Viewers climbed under a transparent vinyl bed, wrote secrets and hid them in shoe boxes, and gazed through kaleidoscopes modified by Dodge with layers of wallpaper and descriptive words about her home.

You’ll find several more stARTup exhibitors namely, Jane Fisher, Emily Maddigan, and Matthew Floriani in MOAH’s January 2019 group show, “PEACE ON EARTH”. And watch for Peter Heirs, from stARTup LA and SF 2018 salvaged tired sculptures in “WOVEN STORIES” in May 2019.

Stay tuned for more success stories so you know about the emerging artists you should be considering for your home and art collection.


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