Featured Artist: Camila Magrane

Camila Magrane stole the show at stARTup SF winning 'Best Booth' by fair visitors this year.


Her booth, cloaked in black draping, featured a stunning array of new media work like IF, a Virtual Reality music experience, and CLIO, an interactive photogram mirror that copies the movements of the viewer.

Camila's series of neomodern photogram collages on aluminum caught the eye of Isaia General Manager, Lisamarie Inesi, who invited stARTup and Camila to create a special exhibition with Ducati in her exquisite menswear showroom in the Frank Lloyd Wright building on Maiden Lane in downtown San Francisco.


Camila describes her work as "a visual journey in time which embraces modernity and fosters a new age. As advancing technologies overwhelmingly challenge and baffle the lifestyles of people on the planet, they change social rituals and create new symbolic representations of a homogeneous modern culture. In the midst of these transformations I use technology as a means of human expression rather than focusing on its utilitarian function."


Her background as a game developer gives her a unique framework to "explore this digital age where creative coding has become a pivotal component in my work.  It has enabled me to utilize interactivity as a form of communication, allowing me to move viewers from a passive perception to an active one where they become explorers and co-creators instead of pure observers." 


Camila's work will be on display and available at Isaia through July 10th. You can always shop Camila's latest offerings on Artfinder where you'll also many more works by stARTup artists.


Find her on Instagram: @camilamagrane



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Photography by Content Curator Mica England