Artists Within: Cedars at stARTup SF 2019

stARTup’s mission is to champion under-recognized artists, and to empower them in their careers. This includes working with artist collectives and non-profits who sustain diverse communities of working artists.

Celebrating 100 years of creative programs for adults with developmental disabilities, Cedars artists are exhibiting for the first time at stARTup SF 2019. “This could be the beginning of something exciting for Cedars,” says Joseph Kosdrosky, Cedars Curator.

“Creatures” Artist Reception at Artist Within

“Creatures” Artist Reception at Artist Within

At Cedars Fine Art Studios and Barn Art Studio, approximately 80 artists express their creativity and develop their own professional art skills. Artists in these programs receive guidance and mentoring from professional artists in the fields of fine art, expressive art, music, and jewelry making. Artists sell and demonstrate their work at Artist Within — a Cedars Gallery located in downtown San Anselmo, and Artworks Downtown in San Rafael.

Here’s a preview of eight Cedars artists you can find in Room 312!

Quartz   and   Minerals   by Tanya Noske, 2019

Quartz and Minerals by Tanya Noske, 2019

Tanya Noske’s work as a painter is a more recent vocation. She finds the use of repetitive pattern and color a relaxing process. Tanya is also exploring Native meditative drumming to help calm her mind and focus. Tanya is an accomplished weaver, and creates blanket fabrics in a variety of fibers.


Anna Price approaches everything in her life with joyful determination. And with that same determination, she loves making art. As she describes it, “It’s so easy!” Anna’s favorite mediums include paintings, paper mache objects, and puppets. What she makes most are pencil and colored pencil drawings.

Shadow   by Anna Price

Shadow by Anna Price

Anna draws with great gusto and confidence, and builds dynamic compositions with strong slashing lines. Her stylized figures and abstracted interpretations of 20th century master works are charming and widely collected.

This Is...   and   Girlfriend   by Namdar Moshiri, 2018

This Is... and Girlfriend by Namdar Moshiri, 2018

Namdar Moshiri was born in Tehran and emigrated to the U.S. in the early 90’s. He is passionate about film and has both family and friends who work in the industry. He sees films every weekend and especially loves film festivals. Namdar brings this cinematic influence to his drawings of film scenes and detailed map-like scenes from memories of people, streets and architecture, adding captions in both English and Farsi text.

Jeffrey Haines has been working as an artist at Cedars since 2011. His paintings have an urban feel, reminiscent of Banquet. His deep, multi-layered color patterns and edgy caricatures are stylistic and easy to identify.

The Bridge ,  by Jeffrey Haines

The Bridge, by Jeffrey Haines

Jeffrey works mostly in acrylic. His work has the unique blend of the literal and abstract worlds, blurring the line between the two. He enjoys listening to music while painting, and designs his own tattoos.

New Directions   and   Bright Spots   by Jean Coury, 2018

New Directions and Bright Spots by Jean Coury, 2018

Jean Coury is a maker in every sense of the word. Whether she is weaving, drawing, painting, knitting or sewing, Jean moves fluidly from one form to the next. Jean’s drawings are highly detailed with the use of a minute scale, giving them a delicate quality. Jean chooses embroidery to embellish some of her playful drawings of people, clotheslines, flowers and birds. Her use of this process complements her sensibility and evokes craft traditions of the past. Jean also weaves napkin fabric.

Energy   by Katie Buster

Energy by Katie Buster


Katie Buster has a bubbly personality and loves joking around. In her artwork, she is a perfectionist with a strong design sense. Like some of the minimalist painters she parallels, Katie favors bold geometric patterns, flat bright colors, and clean lines. As perfection is difficult and impossible to achieve, it is sometimes the odd wavering line or the errant brushstroke in Katie’s work that is most moving, showing her vulnerabilities.

Express   and   Spaceman   by Gill Hines

Express and Spaceman by Gill Hines

Gill Hines loves mountains, UFO’s and Big Foot, but admits to a fear of heights. He is fascinated by the magical worlds of the supernatural, folktales and myth. He began to explore pattern and color in more depth after a journey to Mexico. Gill has mastered working in painstaking detail with colored pencil, and is exploring new techniques in watercolor and acrylic.

Kellie Greenwald is a prolific and accomplished portrait artist. Her art is centered around expressing the abundant love she feels for her family and friends. She loves selling her art, and she also loves giving it away as gifts.

Lady with Blue Cakes ,  by Kellie Greenwald

Lady with Blue Cakes, by Kellie Greenwald


It is all about connecting for Kellie. Her portraits tend to have a unique combination of dignity and sweet funniness. Her lines, sometimes hesitant and sometimes hasty, are captivating. In her composition and color choices, Kellie often makes bold and unexpected choices that elevate the finished work.

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Feature by Content Curator Mica England