Taking a Break from Art is Impossible, Part 1

As artists, we all know how important it is to step away from our work and sometimes even set things aside for a bit. As business owners, it's hard to unplug and trust that the bus will continue to move forward while we're away.

Luckily, our team is so amazing that with check-ins here and there, the plans for Small Works  in San Francisco (our newest fair!) this September and stARTup LA 2019 in January continue to move forward while we get away to Copenhagen, Berlin, and Prague to relax, explore, and get inspired!

Here are a few snapshots of our trip and the incredible art and inspiration we've enjoyed so far.


Shannon Kaye, Director of Business Development, taking in silk and wool textile panels by Julie Laenkholm for her solo exhibition, "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" at Eighteen Gallery in the meat packing district of Copenhagen. 


Our big discovery in Copenhagen is the Meat Packing District. With sections of this sprawling industrial compound referred to simply by the color of the buildings (White, Gray and Brown "Meat City"),  the cutting edge cafés, lively bars and night clubs, and contemporary galleries settled in here have turned this rugged corner into a creative cluster with a festive nightlife and must-see art scene. 

On a hot sunny afternoon we strolled from the King's Garden to Vestebro just to check out the Meat City scene. Here's a bit of what we found...

above from top left: A section of the White buildings in the Meat Packing District, detail of  Astrid Myntekær's "Memes" exhibition at Gether Contemporary. A close up view of a Julie Laenkholm silk piece at Eighteen GalleryPeter Linde Busk's "Diamond Dancer" wood cut print and Per Kirkeby's chalkboard drawings, and an installation view of their summer show at Galleri Bo Bjerggaard

below: Views of the "New Bad Painting" exhibition at V1 Gallery.

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, just outside of Copenhagen, brings art and nature together with picturesque views, sculpture gardens, and picnic areas, dotted between exhibitions. There's even a beach to cool off before you leave! 


Above from top left: Can you tell what Shannon's favorite color is? Asger Jorn, "Etudes et Surprises", 1972,  Frank Stella's famous "Bam", and Alexander Calder and Henry Moore sculptures on the cafe lawn overlooking the water.


In Berlin we visited with a dear friend (California born artist), Mateo Dineen and his boy Elliot. We also took in the Berlin Biennale before biking to the museums and, of course, the Berlin Wall. Berlin continues to have an edgy young art scene balanced by incredible landmarks and fantastic food.


above from top left: Shannon and Elliot outside of Mateo Dineen's gallery, a section of the Berlin Wall at the East Side Gallery, a moving installation, "Fallen Leaves" by Menashe Kadishman at the Jewish Museum, and a large scale multi-media installation by Dineo Seshee Bopape at the Berlin Biennale

below: Patricia Waller's solo exhibition at Galerie Deschler Berlin, "Innocent." Her crocheted dolls were by turns funny, creepy and politically on point.


Stay tuned for notes on Prague, and in the meantime, and don't forget to check out our Small Works and stARTup LA19 application pages on our site.


Special thanks to Mica England, Raphael Fiquet, and our new Curator and Art Advisor, Josefin Lundahl! Thank you for keeping the wheels on the bus while we're away!


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