6 Holiday Staff Picks

We love art as much as you do and often find it difficult to chose one lovely artwork over another. If you have that problem too, don’t stress—we have you covered. To make your holiday shopping simple, we asked our team to pick their favorites from our Holiday Collection, currently available on our online store.


Ray Beldner, Director

I chose this photo, Heron's Head #1 by Victoria Heilweil, because it is beautiful, simple and meditative. By training her camera on the ordinary and the often ignored, Heilweil captures a fleeting moment and elevates it to something mystical and sublime.


Josefin Lundahl, Art Advisor & Curator

I immediately fell in love with Lynda Keeler’s colorful imaginary maps at stARTup Small Works. For me, they hold all the beauty of California; the mountains, water, hills, sky, color, and playfulness. Her maps are organized, yet adventurous. They act as a guide, but also allow you the opportunity to get lost. 


Shannon Kaye, Business Development

I love Jennifer Kaufman’s work and Certain Utterances #4 is my favorite in stARTup's Holiday Collection. She uses tape like a pen and plays with line weight and negative space to create thoughtful meticulous sketches that look totally playful and spontaneous.

Danielle Smith, PR

I'm anointing Suzanne Long's clay sculpture "Aries" as my holiday pick. Reminiscent of the Bay Area funk movement and just plain amusing, this sculpture is the perfect gift for your fiery Aries friend or family member.

With golden horns and teary eyes, this Aries depiction brings a nuanced little life to the usual stoic rendition of the Zodiac ram. 

Mica England, Content Curator

Maja Planinac’s pieces are gorgeous and affordable - especially if you’re a twenty-something out of art school like me!

While her surreal compositions are incredible on their own, the metal breathes new life and dimension into #13’s wispy figure. And it’s exactly what led me to buy one of her metal prints at stARTup Small Works!

Paige Strockis, Curatorial Intern

My holiday pick is "Spectrum" by Pilar Agüero-Esparza. 

Pilar's "Spectrum" greets the eye with a warm, urban embrace. The brick-red palette creates an impression of sophisticated and cosmopolitan construction. I love the way the artist breaks down the multi-colored marble with the intelligible, thick strips of sensational geniality. 

Happy Holidays from all of us at stARTup!


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