Transcending Pleasure and Pain with Jude Berman

Whenever Jude Berman sits down to paint, she begins by making sure she's in a state of open-eyed meditation. For Jude, art depicts an inner landscape. She explains, "I think of this work as Fourth Dimensional because it portrays the subtleties and continual movement that characterize the human spirit. As subtle beings, our substance is energy, which exists in continual motion. As spiritual beings, we inhabit an ecstatic world that transcends pleasure and pain, while yet encompassing both those polarities."

As an exhibiting artist at stARTup SF 2018, we thought you might want to know a few more things about Jude and her watercolors, like...

Above: Mother bird, Acrylic painting on Paper, Size: 9 x 12", $250.00


1. Why do you make your work? 

One reason I paint is because it helps me to better understand myself. An image has the power to reveal parts of myself, often parts I wasn’t aware of, and it also serves as a way to share whatever is revealed within me with others. 

2. How did you choose or land on the mediums you use now?

For decades I only worked in black and white. People kept telling me I could create the same kinds of images using color as well. Eventually I decided to give it a try, and I haven’t looked back.

3. What are you presently inspired by?

I’m especially inspired by the Sufi mystic poet Jalaluddin Rumi. He expressed what I would like to express, but did so with words far more exquisite than I could ever find.

4. Other than your art practice, what other work do you do?

I earn my living as a freelance editor, and I’m also working on a novel about why people resist becoming engaged in correcting the wrongs they see around them. Writing is a thousand times more difficult than painting.

5. What are your current artistic influences?

Ultimately, just the collective unconscious.

6. And finally, what's your least favorite color?

Lime green.

You can find more of Jude's works on Artfinder, plus the works of other stARTup exhibitors from our past fairs.


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Q&A by Content Curator Mica England