Loggia Showroom Launches Revolving Art Exhibitions with Four stARTup Artists

When Loggia approached stARTup about launching an art exhibition program at their beautiful furniture showroom, we immediately sent our in-house Art Advisor, Josefin Lundahl, to work her magic.

Loggia is a nestled in San Francisco’s historic Design Center where interior designers search for unique, and custom furnishings not available anywhere else. In this exclusive locale, designers make purchases on behalf of their clients. BUT, with our unique partnership with Loggia, you can contact Josefin to view the collection and purchase any of the works onsite or you can shop the collection in our online store.

Loggia is open to the public Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm and is located at 101 Henry Adams St, San Francisco, Suite 430. Come see the showroom in person or contact Josefin for price lists and availability: josefin@startupartfair.com

The following is a brief review of the artists and artworks currently on display there.


Lynda Keeler

For Lynda Keeler, the desert is her muse. Whether it’s the unique colors of Salvation Mountain and Salton Sea or the high desertscapes just outside Palm Springs, Lynda finds inspiration in colors and textures not seen anywhere else.

Dan Lythcott-Haims

As a photographer, Dan Lythcott-Haims explores the unnoticed aspects of the human-made world. He finds beauty in the patterns, textures, colors, and forms of the world around him, both designed and emergent.

For stARTup Small Works 2018, Dan showcased a new series that elevates those same details of decay in sculptural form. Titled Wood+Rust, this series juxtaposes rusted steel in custom maple housings.


Victoria Mara Heilweil


Victoria Mara Heilweil’s new series Drop, highlights a fresh improvisational direction in her work. For Victoria, "Drop is a meditation on water. The patterns in these photographs echo my experience of standing at the water's edge." She re-contextualizes urban and natural landscapes into abstract photographs.

Steven Hight

A “finished piece of art” according to Steven Hight, “should never rely on what has previously succeeded, but should strive to uncover the unknown.” Steven continues, “I've recently decided to repurpose (my unfinished paintings) by cutting them up into smaller pieces and rearranging those pieces as new abstract images.”

For a more complete description of the exhibition, and each artists’ work along with pricing, availability, and viewing information, visit Loggia anytime or check out the show in our online shop. Questions? Please contact Josefin: josefin@startupartfair.com


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