Guta Galli

O1 Extraordinary Ability Artist

How does immigration politics affect non-American artists?  

This piece is very likely the last work of a triad of performances about the encounter between immigration policies and the art world. In the first one, Galli, dressed as a bride, crawled through the streets of San Francisco for two hours. The second, premiered at stARTup SF 2018, she was tethered to a heavy cement “bridal” sculpture that she labored to move, pulling it three feet in two hours.

For her fourth performance, Guta will enclose herself inside a small shipping container for 3 hours with little room to move. In this enclosure, she will engage with the audience through a small hole. Security cameras placed inside the crate will live stream the interior. An artificial intelligence device will interfere with the images whenever someone approaches or physically interacts with the performer, playing with the paradoxes and ambiguities that shape the relationship between artist/audience.