Parker Day


Curated by Nathaly Charria

Parker Day is a Los Angeles-based artist whose work explores personality and identity. Through costuming and exaggerated expressions, Day highlights the truth of who and what she portrays. She deliberately eschews Photoshop in favor of in-camera capture on film. Lurid color bathes her work and heightens the surreality of her subjects while the grain and grit of the photographs make them palpably real.

Parker Day will transform one of the mid century modern suites at The Kinney Hotel into a freaky art paradise that brings audiences into the sets of ICONS. Through bright colors and textures, Day presents her body of work within a site-specific installation that differentiates from her traditional exhibitions.

In additional we will feature the second edition of ICONS book published by Not A Cult. Saturday is a celebration of this year’s featured artist Parker Day with a book signing in her room and evening event hosted by Ariel Brickman with sounds by Senay Kenfe of Boiler Room. 




ICONS by Parker Day

ICONS by Parker Day