Jerico Woggon

California Light

2018 stARTup Art Fair_DS6A1141_Mido Lee.jpg

A prolific resident of Downtown Los Angeles, multi-disciplinary artist Jerico Woggon has created an art installation to activate an outdoor courtyard for startup Art Fair at the Kinney Venice Beach Hotel. Creating site-specific black light installations since 1989, his hallmark presentations have earned him exhibits and presentations at such renowned events as the Coachella Music Festival, the MONA Museum of Neon Art, Burning Man, the Virgin Music Festival, and Autumn Lights. Inspired by the works of Donald Flavin, Luigi Colani, and Charles and Ray Eames, Jerico goes beyond the traditional boundaries of museum aesthetics to produce large-scale outdoor environments that surprise and delight all who come upon them. Look for the UV black light installation and immerse yourself in the fantasy.


California Impressions

Jerico Woggon’s new photography series is an outdoor survey presented as a dynamic slideshow incorporating his ten-year study of the otherwise unnoticed hieroglyphic-like details of our urban landscape. His utilization of architectural motif as a digital image brings a sense of depth and intrigue to his work.  A multi-media artist, Jerico is heavily influenced by his family of artists, particularly his Grandfather Bill Woggon--known for his seminal comic book series Katy Keene from 1945 through 1960. Jerico’s compelling black & white photography slide presentation will provide an opportunity for attendees to immerse themselves in the sometimes gritty, sometimes glamorous city that is Los Angeles.


Presented by Cartwheel Art