Margaret Timbrell

Selfie Wall

Leading up to and during the stARTup fair the artist will actively solicit people to donate their auto-corrected names. She will hand embroider the auto-corrected names (ie. “Pretty” instead of Priti, “Paypal” instead of Payal, “Center” for Centa, “Drawline” for Dawline) onto a beautiful bolt of fabric installed like a tapestry to create a selfie wall of words and names. During the fair she will continue to solicit donations and stitch them onto the fabric, and encourage the act of selfie taking. The wall creates an environment for selfie taking and sharing, while the art background reveals the way that the tech sector erases the identity of many consumers. This installation will help draw attention to the subtleties of social bias within our technology and create an engagement beyond the fair with each selfie posted.