Carrie Ann Plank

In the past two years, I’ve worked with employing new technology to create printing matrices along with revisiting anachronistic printing techniques. This contrast between the processes of creating has impacted the way I view my aesthetics - leading to larger scale work including installations and variations in image development. With the implementation of the digital fabrication techniques I’ve created large-scale work that incorporates new technology and traditional techniques. I’m exploring information systems and how we visual process them, and I’m very interested in how these systems will read translated through the mash up of old and new printing technologies. Much of my work deals with reinterpreting and reorganizing visual information systems and how context shifts meaning. For this most recent series, I focused on how organic forms can be reduced to their base structure. The images, while derived from close scrutiny and observation, become abstracted and hard to place. The viewer is left with a distinct sense of familiarity but no concrete object.


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