David "Squid" Quinn

As I continue to explore my photographic sensibility, there are a few things that are always part of my work. Strong colors have always attracted me and continue to be part of my photographs. I like that people usually seem more emotionally open to bold colors. Often I use compositions that avoid clues as to perspective and orientation. I think this pulls the viewer into the work and takes them on a little bit of a journey as they try and solve the puzzle. And while humor is an obvious device in many of my photos, I always try to put a certain amount of whimsy in any art I make. Otherwise, where’s the fun?

The “BAGGED” series began as a variation on an old art-school drawing exercise that consisted of drawing an object that was placed inside a paper bag. My concept was to apply color to this monochromatic idea using gelled lights. This arrangement provided vast possibilities of compositional equations and color blending experiments. 


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