Dan Woodard

Looking Inward

The proposed exhibition, entitled Looking Inward, will showcase paintings by Jude Berman and sculptures by Dan Woodard. While working in different media, we follow similarly intuitive processes that allow us to draw upon our emotions as well as a deeper archetypal awareness. Our goal, both individually and together, is to imbue our art with an emotional presence that creates a connection with the viewer. We wish viewers to feel touched in a perhaps inexplicable manner, and to come away with the sense of familiarity that arises when tapping into the mystical center we all share. 

Dan describes his Looking Inward process: “My emotional state is strongly reflected in the sculptures. Some express a calm, almost beatific sensibility, while others display disturbance and anguish. Generally, it is only after completing a sculpture, or a series of sculptures, that I’m able to tease out the meaning for me personally.”

For more information about Dan Woodard, please visit his website.

SculptureMica England