Keith Wilson

Internal Affairs

This series explores the disconnect between medical media based visual knowledge of the internal workings of our bodies and the actual elements and occurring functions and processes as I experience it from an internal perspective. 

I am focused on making abstract biomorphic paintings initiated through loose charcoal drawings that emulate the germinal forces of nature without scale, direction or measurable accuracy. I constantly exist within inches of all parts of my body but do not have the intuitive ability to be precise without consulting outside references, knowledge or medical authority. This disconnect is fugitive and artificial and possibly correctable through the meditative process of drawing and subsequent painting. 

At a more general level I am engaged in creating and facilitating a universal visual dialogue oscillating in scale from sub-microscopic to intergalactic radio-telescopic elements that are viewable on the internet: creating unimaginable movement and documentation of non-existent particles of enthusiasm and engendering hope that everything is relational and interconnected in form, visual vocabulary, design, origin and function. 

Subscribing to a unifying theory of synthesis and co-responsibility of the invisible forces and the ecology of the universe I attempt to engage in the transmutation of the soul or spark of life into my work. I feel that the function of art is not only to render the visible world but to make visible the underlying elements of invisible reality in an attempt to dislodge rigid thoughts and emotional concerns embedded in indifference and constricted opinions or prejudice. Optimistically this endeavor is beneficial for both the artist and the viewer. 

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