Dani Dodge

I am an installation artist who creates immersive, interactive environments that incorporate video, paint, and sometimes performance. My work incorporates the elements of the story arc in a visual form.

The installations layer the domestic detritus that informs our interior architecture. Elements such as wallpaper, screen doors, and mattresses are combined with a painted diorama or video that becomes a symbol for exterior possibilities. Eyeglasses and mirrors focus the work back on the viewer. Spurred to acknowledge their secrets, burdens, desires, or fears, participants become a part of the art.

The scenes are novels that are experienced instead of read, with connective lines created from each participant’s individual memories. My work is influenced by the storytelling of tableau-makers such as Robert Rauschenberg and Edward Kienholz, and inspired by the poetry of Tara Donovan’s material transcendence.


For more information about Dani Doge, please visit her website.