Romi Chiorean

Once I came to terms with the fact that I cannot make invisible paintings I became preoccupied with ways to visualize things that are removed from time. The things that always obsessed me continue to haunt me but the art making act becomes a negotiation, a way to make peace. The works represent primordial ideas, archetypes or visualizations of some notes in a melody. The works are to be seen as containers and the only right way to look at them is similar to listening to music in a foreign, unknown language, where one gets the mood (direction) and just uses one’s imagination to interpret the words.

It is my goal to create intimate works for people that will live with them in their homes. The paintings are to serve the same purpose as an orthodox icon. I want them to be practical paintings but without the Christian orthodox connotations – they are secular icons. The works are to stand as a window between its owner and his universe. They are retinal works, phosphene paintings where everything comes together as a flash of light, but the light has no point of origin.


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