David Spanbock

The opposite of Nature is impossible. - Buckminster Fuller


Every Mark Creates A Space (or, Life is Being Together)

Our common body, the city is an organism expressing individual and collective transformations. Juxtaposing the past and present, the nature of the city is flux, and the flux of the city is nature. Change is the only constant. This simultaneity and interpenetration is the inspiration and formal underpinning for my work.For over 25 years I have made this process we refer to as painting a daily practice. And for most of that time, I have considered the residue of this activity to be a single entity, a discrete object unto itself, comprised of thousands of discrete objects. An ongoing documentation of a dialogue between me and the medium, the only requirement being that I be present. How the individual elements both reflect and create the larger entity while maintaining their individual identities is the mystery that remains.

The title for all the work is "The Politics of Transformation." Each piece is composed of in varying degrees a series of m arks. Conceived of as discreet objects themselves, these marks are both the heartbeat and lifeblood of the work. Each describing a unique event while existing in relationship to the others. My painting fuses the seen and unseen, the conceptual and the irrational, patterns and randomness, memory and imagination. It emphasizes the physicality of the materials while allowing the inevitable ambiguity and contradictions of a solid object adorned with inadvertent illusions “marking” the space. I see the finished objects as perceptual ecosystems that provide intimate places for the viewer and I to coexist. Brief moments together.


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