Jennifer Turnage

In many ways, we three artists (Jennifer Turnage, Alison Woods, and curator Kimberly Rowe) are similar, in that we began our careers within the last 5-10 years. We are all painters and work with very contemporary ideas of abstraction. Turnage and Rowe tend to show more of the hand, and are interested in a wabi-sabi sort of approach. Conversely, Woods emphasizes digital exactness. Together there is a good mix of similarity and contrast, point and counterpoint.


Turnage's 65 Circles is an experiment with shape, texture, and color variation.

I wanted to create a colony of small paintings that were numbered to show their relationship to their development. The idea is to see how these studies and experiments, within a series of work, wherein each circle is influenced by the other to create variety yet remains relatable to the original piece, affects my painting. 

Since I began the series, I have noticed that the image is dependent on the process. It is imperative that I allow for mistakes while navigating through the puzzle in order for a piece to be successful. The freedom to fail opens up room for creative solutions to problem solving that reveal more about my process and keep my work from becoming static.


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