Deb Strong Napple

How can an artist share with her viewers an experience that they have never even heard about?

Much like describing color to a blind person, my art translates my synesthetic experiences into two dimensional artworks.

The images that I share with you today are part of my “Synesthesia and Fluiidity” series. When I paint en plein air (where all of my art begins) I experience synesthesia—the colors of the landscape become actual sounds to me. I embrace these intimate experiences with nature, and back in the studio I interpret them through abstract compositions.

In “Synesthesia and Fluidity” color literally pours across the picture plane. It flows like the sunlight across an Arizona desert. It shifts like clouds through a Western sunrise, and it puddles like a river overflowing during monsoon season.

I choose the mediums according to the needs of each painting. I pour and dribble acrylics, I melt and scrape wax, and I flood oil paint across panels. So this series is one way in which I share my synesthetic experience with you.

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