Michael Morrison

While the material world may be indestructible, it certainly is not immutable. I am fascinated by cloud patterns, waves breaking on the shore, sand structures on the beach left by the tides, and plants, flowers, bushes and trees of all varieties. On partly cloudy days, especially, the sun sneaks through the clouds, its rays illuminating the world in varying strengths from minute to minute as the clouds roll by. The world thus changes before our very eyes! My fascination with these things is revealed in my photographs, where I capture a nanosecond long “event” of nature in visible light, then use it to create devolving impressionistic and abstract images using filters. My objective is to inspire others and reveal Nature in all its splendor and glory.

As a lawyer I’ve represented adults and children who were victims of sexual assault and those charged with committing those crimes, and I know several women who have been assaulted. I also have empathy for the refugees appearing at our border. These are sensitive matters now at the forefront of our social and political dialogue and I have strong feelings about each of them.


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