Hsi-chi Wu

Long before “the Cage of the Human World” painted with oil pastels, artist Hsi-chi Wu had spent 15 years developing a series of abstract oil on canvas works. Shortly afterward, the artist started to use crayons, connecting his works to his painting memories in the childhood and allowing him to find a purer and more innocent creative experience. At the age of 50, Wu discovered a brand-new development of his painting language. 

Wu hides his observation and reflection upon contemporary society and humanity even in his abstract paintings. However, his concrete paintings which directly depict the society and humanity are another totally different attempt. Thick oil pastels repeatedly rubbing against paper retain dense lines, showing the artist’s emotions on the texture of the paper. Magical compositions present the thoughts of the artist, and at the same time, they are a warning of the existence state of humans, which serves as the pictures of life fables. 


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