Jaimi Flores

We live in a world where every single act, emotion, thought, storm, idea, or person is unique, however, we mostly walk through life with absolutes: black/white, man/woman, yes/no, love/hate. But what makes up the fabric of our society are nuances, the confusions, ambiguities, chaos, and uncertainty.

My work is an expression of color, shape, space, material, technique, and meaning. It’s an exploration of the harmony and conflict that exists between these elements just like the nuances in our lives. This allows me to talk about the cultural, social, sexual, and political issues in very upfront ways. The context in which I create my art is one of observation and experience within womanhood and the inherent traumas that female gendered bodies and souls experience. Through seeing the patriarchy that controls our world, I am able to break through with conflicting illustrative narratives with bright, colorful, and animated imagery combined with dark, provocative and emotional messages.

This is also true in the abstraction of how our experience can manifest themselves in our minds and how we view the world. This exhibit will be one of challenging the stereotypes both realistically and also figuratively.

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