Jamie Jaye Fletcher

Explore the complexities of the female experience through the artwork of two sisters: Jamie Jaye and Elleree Fletcher.

Jamie Jaye’s photography explores the development of the female identity. Through self-portraits she analyzes her transition into womanhood and the tension surrounding the ideal woman. She questions the links between performance, sexuality and the internal psyche, revealing anxieties that are often hidden.  

The Fletcher sisters will illuminate the duality of becoming women. At stARTup, they will mimic their childhood bedrooms and draw from specific experiences tied to their transition. Innocence and childhood mementos will fill the space, but so will influences pushing the girls to grow up. This will create a confusing duality of innocence and maturity. At first glance the room will seem sweet and innocent, but after further inspection the complexities of womanhood will become clear. This duality of innocence and maturity is mirrored in both sister's work. Jamie inspects the internal conflict of women, while Elleree inspects the outer sexualization. The installation will analyze the feminine ideal and question of what it means to be a woman.

For more information about Jamie, please visit her Instagram.