Jennifer La Pierre

My work engages the viewer by over-sized classical works deconstructed to the most minimal of form through texture, movement, color and composition. I am enamored with the cohesion and tension of classical art deconstructed to the minimalist of form. The traditional figurative, to the transitional gestural, and contemporary minimalist form to the deconstructed abstract.

Painting on canvas and Venetian plaster, charcoal, pastel, acrylic, ink, and wax to the textural cracked linen. I use all of my resources; my expertise in color and decorative painting, response to composition and lyrical nature of each piece, relying upon intuition for layering and revealing detailed vignettes. Continually evolving, my art is created without narrative and truly has become more about celebrating the process of making art.

For more information about the artist, please visit her website.