Jennifer La Pierre

By creating a lounge that my audience would immediately feel inspired and comfort enabling them to envision my artwork in their own space. That may be to calm, complement or add tension within their own environment.

Receiving an atmospheric and intrinsic reaction, these pieces are reflective of our land healing from our recent fires with regrowth and a new compassion and memory. I create, suggest an image and hopefully move and draw people in for their own experience to finish the piece.

I am enamored with the boundaries of cohesion and tension. Rooted in a graphic design background my passion for line work is explored with this series; The expression of the line, be it gestural, tentative, structural or definitive.

I am expanding form, be it figurative, landscape or abstraction, within a grid composition in combination of the gestural and glitch movement for an ethereal, structured piece.

Thirty years of decorative painting has empowered me with a body of techniques; response to color and lyrical nature of each piece, layering and revealing detailed vignettes, reduction and economy in editing, manipulating texture and form, negative and positive reaction, and line intention.

This body of work celebrates resilience.

For more information about the artist, please visit her website.