Jennifer La Pierre

If I were a writer, I would use fewer exclamation points and more commas. I would engage the reader with layers of descriptive nuances that would be familiar to some and leave many intrigued. I would use stories from the past and infuse with liberating expression. I would use as few words as possible. I would feverishly jot down ideas on napkins and scrap paper, blanket with mechanics,compose and then return to make love to the piece. If I were a writer...

Continually evolving, my art is created without narrative but a response to the process. I have found a grace in the fluid nature of these recent works. 

Deconstructing the traditional figure, transitional and contemporary form, I am enamored with the boundaries of cohesion and tension. It is clear when the piece is complete, I cannot add or reduce, sometimes it waits... at times the answer is to paint it out.

Thirty years of decorative painting has empowered me with a body of techniques;  response to color and lyrical nature of each piece, layering and revealing detailed vignettes,  reduction in editing, manipulating texture and form, negative and positive reaction, and line intention. Rooted in a graphic design background with a love of typography and calligraphy, I love the expression of the line, be it gestural, tentative, structural or definitive.

Receiving an atmospheric and intrinsic reaction, these pieces are reflective of our land healing from our recent fires with regrowth and a new compassion and memory.  This body of work celebrates resilience.

For more information about the artist, please visit her website.