Johnny Botts

I paint my signature-style robots focusing on themes of space, science, and play. With my art I hope to get people in touch with their child-like wonder about the world. In my previous career, I was a “Rocket Scientist” designing equipment for space, which has influenced my choice of subjects.

It is important to me that my art conveys positive, uplifting imagery as a deliberate response to the surplus of negativity around us. My strict religious upbringing did a lot of damage to me as a young person discovering I was gay. It was all very black and white, and what I got from it was that I would never be good enough, no matter what I did.

My art inspiration is a rejection of that negative energy. I want to be a positive influence and give people art that surrounds them with color, life, and joy.

For more information about the artist, please visit his website.