KyungBae Jeon

When I was a kid I came close to drowning three times. 
I started to think about disappearance of existence of being, and proof of existence. 
I am fascinated by water, and I had been a swimmer. 
Under the water I could feel touch of the water flow and distorted sound. 
It gives me a feeling that I exist. 
I wish I could be submerged and survive in the water. 
It leads me to fascinate toward fish. 
When I was 15, I spent a month in silence. 
I spoke to myself. 
My art practice is a way to turn inward. 
I keep thinking about what the meaning of the dead fish and their existence. 
Dissection is the process that helps me to understand fish physically and artistically. 
No matter how much I distorted fish, fish is fish. 
How I could define my own existence is impossible using verbal or text language. 
The title of my work is Ichthyology, but it also can mean anthropologia. 
FIsh is fish, I am I am, I am I am? 


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