Jeemin Kim

Awe in sublimity can be found in the aesthetic in “void” and negative space in Eastern ancient art. I also experience this sublimity in the spatial interaction among minimalism. My interest is to tracing and exploring the visual forms that brings this sublimity around daily lives. As Emmanuel Kant found the sublimity in nature, my painting depicts the awe especially found in nature scenes. 

The pursuit of geometric forms and abstractions is my yearning for minimalism and the pure abstraction yet my work is neither of them. I create the space where the viewers can ponder around and relate to the “void” even with the full of gestures and forms. This is not a conceptual statement. I may say that I borrowed some conceptual approach such as colored forms, geometric gestures and planned accident. With these elements together, I would like to explore the work that speaks to the viewers as if Helen Frankenthaler’s work appealed.


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