Lynne McDaniel

Lynne McDaniel is a Los Angeles based artist whose work uses the landscape to explore current events and examine the relationship between humans and their environment. Her current work is inspired by the panoramic format, monochromatic colors, and the dreamy, atmospheric quality of Chinese hand scrolls. Using not the traditional ink and brush, but charcoal and oil paint, McDaniel makes paintings and drawings on paper. There is a temporal component to the work and a sense of movement as it depicts a passage through the physical space. The horizontal format means the entire view is not easily seen from a single viewpoint, requiring the eye to travel across the image. The mostly black and white palette evokes the memory and nostalgia of vintage photographs, while small touches of vermilion echo the bright red seals on the scroll paintings. She has exhibited extensively and her work is in numerous private collections in the US and Europe. She has been awarded the Dohrn Zachai Fellowship, a Hemera Foundation fellowship, the Jane Friend Award and was a 2015 finalist for the Williams Prize in drawing.


For more information about Lynne, please visit her website.